For SR&ED Tax Credits, we help

  • Identify qualified R&D activities
  • Pre-qualify likelihood of claim
  • Prepare technical descriptions for R&D activities
  • Prepare CRA's tax credit forms
  • Participate in CRA technical and financial audits
  • Review previously or currently submitted SR&ED claims

A few examples of successful R&D projects filed in the past through TRR-ILCS:

  • New methods of applying lubricants in metal extrusion industry to comply with increasing machine guarding requirements.
  • New Control systems developed to increase machine throughput.
  • New metal cleaning chemicals and processes.
  • Equipment upgrades to reduce material handling defects.
  • Improvements to equipment motor/drive packages to integrate with new peripherals.
  • Machine guarding upgrades to better isolate workers from potential hazards.
  • Integration of new hardware/software with 50 year old equipment.
  • Improved conveyance technologies for heavy load transfers.
  • Extrusion die technology advancements.
  • New lubricants developed to reduce defects.